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SuperFoods is a way where you can scan your groceries shopping to check if you are buying foods which help your brain becoming stronger and preventing diseases. Discounts are available as a way to reward yourself on taking care of your health.


SuperFoods work in partnership with Waitrose where guarantee to give you the freshest and most organic foods. Using the Quick Check system and the mobile app where you could use your phone to scan, pack and buy your groceries, SuperFoods works as a way to scan through your groceries shopping receipt. By doing this, SuperFoods will be able to tell if you have bought any food which will benefit your brain'.

Also, by linking your myWaitrose account with SuperFoods, everytime you shop at Waitrose, you could chose to do the SuperFoods scan and receive discounts. All rewards will be added automatically to your Waitrose account and ready to use on the next time you do

SuperFoods scan.

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